DORSET (2017)

Approximately 5cm x 30cm x 50cm

Named after it's birthplace, Dorset was my very first attempt at pouring iron directly onto wood and was created with iron poured from 'The Rhino', a furnace built by a group of Sculpture Graduates formally known as DWPD, now under a new title as company molTÂN, which took place at Stephen Coles workshop in Dorset on 1st July 2017. 


The wood used for Dorset was a slab of oak intended for firewood, which I charred then took a mould of using silca sand and a fast-setting binding agent. I then released the wood from the mould and carved away part of it, before returning it to the mould and then filled the void with molten Iron.

Dorset (Back).jpg
'Dorset' Ironwood (2017) back zoom.jpg

As the iron meets the wood, massive amounts of energy are released from the combustion of the wood, resulting in a violent reaction which creates a beautiful creased texture in the Iron and a popcorn feel in the wood.