'Ironcore One' (2017).jpg

Approximately 20cm x 20cm x 30cm

Formed by pouring iron into a circular void between two seasoned and milled cubes of wood.

Ironcore started as one piece of wood which was then sawn down the middle and a scallop shape was carved out from the center of each side. A hole was then drilled from the edge to the center for an iron passage way known as a pour spout, feed or runner.

The wood was then strapped up and burried in sand ready for the iron. As soon as the iron filled the mould, it burst back out again. It took several attempts to get the iron to sit comfortably in the mould.



'Ironcore Two' (2018).JPG

Approximately 20cm x 25cm x 30cm

'Ironcore Two' was produced from the same wooden mould used for 'Ironcore One'.

Because the mould had already been heavily charred from 'Ironcore One', there was a less violent reaction, although it did still bubble energetically.

'I would have used the mould again to produce another ironcore if it wasn't so damaged.
I plan to repeat this method of work and aim to produce up to ten works from one single wooden mould.'



Ironcore Three (2018) (1) edit.jpg

Approximately 20cm x 30cm x 70cm

This work was produced using a similar method to its predecessors, although there are some differences.

The wood used for this mould was a log that measured around 100cm tall and around 60cm in diameter.

The log was split in half from top to bottom and a diamond shape was carved out of each side, along with a pour spout.

Extra precautions were added to this mould to make it safer to pour, as the size had increased dramatically from 'Ironcore One' and explosions and air-borne iron were not an option.

The iron entered the mould and filled the void created from the carving, it then traveled through a split or crack in the mould which created a whole new form. 

With the texture from the negative space in the burnt wood and the form in which the iron moulded, this work somewhat resembles an underwater coral or hot mineral vent.

This work is not quite finished, there is still a wooden base to be added to make it freestanding and easier to display and transport.