'The Joist' (2018).JPG

THE JOIST (2018)

Approximately 40cm x 40cm x 240cm

'The Joist' is made from a 200+ year old oak beam, using the same techniques to make the towers collection. Taking a mould of the lower section of the charred wooden joist with silica sand and a carbon dioxide bonding agent. Opening up the mould and removing part of the joist, closing the mould and pouring iron into the void.


Whilst finishing the wood, which is the top part of 'The Joist', a 'rust' appeared as a result of being dunked in water after a final burn, bringing a striking orange colour to it's surface. This lead to the decision to continue  this rust onto the iron.

'The Joist' (2018).....JPG
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'The Joist' is a free standing sculpture, this was made possible by its concrete base and counter-weight. This was cast within a charred wooden box to give it the texture that is also present on the wooden joist and its iron counterpart.